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"Top 10 Must Have Free Apps for Your WebOS Phone"
Super Contacts
With Super Contacts, you have the ability to group contacts, quickly dial, SMS or email individual contacts, and the power to broadcast an email or SMS to the group or subset of the group. The Quick Tap functionality allows you to rapidly cycle through and initiate a call, email or SMS using a configurable list of phone numbers, SMS numbers and email addresses for a contact. Contact information is automatically populated using the contact information on your phone. Flicking the contact left or right gives you additional options for contacting that contact. The group tab names, colors and order are customizable. The contact list on a tab can be rapidly filtered by tapping the letter associated with the editable display name.
  • Create tabbed groups of contacts for quick access to dial, SMS or email a contact or send an SMS or Email to the entire group or subset of the group.
  • Tapping the contact gives the user the power to cycle through a configurable list of phone numbers, SMS numbers and Email addresses
  • - Flicking the contact to the left or right will initiate dialing, SMSing or emailing the associated contact
  • The ability to customize the text displayed for a contact
  • Multiple views to see contacts in different configurations
  • Tab group names, colors and order of appearance are configurable
  • Many more user preferences such as theme color, default display text format and quick tap behavior.
Palm App Store Super Contacts is available for WebOS devices. For more information on WebOS,please visit Palm.
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